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{Januari 27, 2009}  

Suzuki Karimun Wagon R

Suzuki Karimun Generasi BaruType Mobil: 1.2 GL
Jenis Mobil: Suzuki Wagon R+ 5dr hatchback
Type Body Mobil: Hatchback
Penggerak Roda: Four
Kapasitas Mesin (cc) / Isi silinder: 1171/4
Posisi Mesin: F
Jenis Bahan Bakar: Unleaded
Telepon Mobil: not available
Tinggi Mobil (in): 1665
Berat Kotor (LbFt): TBA
Lebar Mobil (mm): 3540
Daya (BHP): 79/TBA
Torsi (Lbft2): TBA/TBA
Jumlah Pintu: 5
Jumlah Tempat Duduk: 4
Berta Towing: TBA
Radius Putar: 9.8
Lebar (mm): 1321
Akselerasi (0-60mph): 13.2
Kecepatan Maksimum (Mil/Hour): 100
Kadar Emisi Co2: 144
Garansi: 3yr/60k + 3yr Breakdown
Jarak Service (Mil): 6000
Biaya Service selama 3 tahun: 856
Kapasitas Tanki BBM (Gal): 9

{Januari 27, 2009}  

{Januari 27, 2009}  

{Januari 27, 2009}  
Suzuki Swift Awarded Britain’s
Car Of The Year Accolade

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2005 Suzuki Swift



ON 30/12/05
OF 2005


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8th December, 2005

It’s the car that provided the first glimpse of Suzuki’s innovative new design strategy, and now the Swift has received the ringing endorsement of two particularly discerning audiences.

In the UK Car magazine has just named the supermini its ‘Car of the Year’. Additionally, as previously announced, on its home turf the Swift has picked up the ‘Most Fun’ category in the Japanese Car of the Year (COTY) awards and received the ‘Car of the Year’ accolade from the 72-strong Automotive Researchers and Journalists Conference of Japan (RJC).


editor Jason Barlow summed up the magazine’s feelings: “In a world where small cars are getting better and better, it doesn’t fall into the trap of offering gimmicks, pointless extras or overt quirkiness – it simply gets on with the job it’s there to do, and it does it superbly.”These three awards are a strong vindication of the Swift’s approach to the supermimi sector, delivering a blend of eye-catching good looks, Japanese quality and European-inspired driving dynamics, backed up by excellent handling and outstanding fuel economy.

Nor was the Swift’s victory a fluke, as Jason Barlow explains: “All-rounders often end up winning various ‘car of the year’ accolades due to the fact they offend the fewest judges, but in this case not a single judge came out against it as a fair choice.

“The car is stylish, roomy, good value, pretty quick and a lot of fun to drive, and this combination of aptitudes makes it a totally compelling package.”



Europe’s 2005 Suzuki Swift 3-door hatchback



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Suzuki Swift S

Smart and stylish and sensational value!
5th August, 2005
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{Januari 27, 2009}  

{Januari 27, 2009}  

{Januari 27, 2009}  

Suzuki APV 2005


Indra – Sunter, Jakut

Setelah memakai MPG-CAPS™, mobil Suzuki APV th. 2005 saya yang sebelumnya menempuh jarak 7 km setiap liter-nya, sekarang bisa mencapai 10 km per liter-nya, performa mesin juga semakin bagus.

{Januari 27, 2009}  

{Januari 27, 2009}  

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