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{Februari 4, 2009}  

Canon IVIS AVCHD HG10 Camcorder


Canon has been launch their new camcorder which named Canon HG10 in Korea Market. The camcorder support 40 GB with full HD HDD.
The HG10 is much smaller than the HV20, while 1 pound, 4 ounces, this is not much easier. And when he weighs a little less than its main competitors, the
Sony Handycam HDR-SR5, it is also a little larger, silver and dark gray body seems not so elegant that most black SR7’s chassis, though.

canon ivis avchd hg10

Canon HG10 which provides a fairly good number rounded features. The 3-megapixel CMOS native 1920×1 tire smart videos HD-080, which receives interference and downconverted to 1440×1, 080 AVCHD. It is also possible to draw 1440×1, 080/24p, although support for this alternative format is even more limited than the vanilla AVCHD). Its 40 GB hard drive stores between 5.5 hours of video at 15Mbps up to 15 hours of video in 5Mbps.


You can plug the software component 3-megapixel stills in the photo mode or take 1920×1, 080 shoe during filming of a movie mode. But I think it is absolutely ridiculous that the Stills can not be won on the hard disk only a miniSD card.


In video mode, a function of the membrane on the button program selection, shutter priority, aperture priority, Cine-mode (to watch a movie, go shoot 24fps), and Slow Shutter Mode Night, a handful of white Options balance, various effects of image presets, more customizable color depth (up to a posterized optical), sharpness, contrast and brightness, some digital effects, video quality and size or packaging. For more photos, you can also choose to evaluative, mid-weighted average and spot metering modes; continuous shooting and bracketing and image size.


An LCD screen of 2.7 inches, it is the smallest You can come into contact with an HD camcorder, but it remains visible in direct sunlight and from different angles. The eye-level researcher is almost too small, and its hard plastic eye is not very comfortable to use.


The 10-Purpose Integrated zoom Canon Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer, twisting stability through feedback continuously on the system. I find it very well better than most at the end of the range. Instant AF Canon uses an approach odometer – bounces a signal from the themes for the AF system brutes, so that the objective of hunting for a development of a small hook territory.

The good: The Canon HG10 camcorder has an excellent image stabilization video, and more generally of high quality.

The bad: Poor control; FLE young, some bulky ergonomics, no manual focus dial.

The result: a solid based on the hard drive HD camcorder-HG10 Canon has its share of expensive task.


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