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{Februari 7, 2009}  

Marubeni-Komatsu Limited – General Sale – Over 100 Komatsu’s Delivered to H.E. Services

Date: 13 Jan 2006

H.E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd is among Europe’s most prominent excavator hire companies and is the largest in the UK.

The company has just announced the last deliveries of over 100 machines from their order placed in 2004, through UK distributor Marubeni-Komatsu, which will ensure that the company maintains its pre-eminent position.

Included in the order are 48 Komatsu PC130-7 excavators, a machine which has been widely regarded as the UK’s favourite 13 ton excavator since it was launched in 2004 (and of which H.E. Services ordered the first 40 production machines when the model was introduced into the UK).

In addition to the PC130’s, the order includes: thirty two PC210-7 excavators, six PC340 excavators; two 12 metre super reach excavators, six 15 metre super reach excavators & two 22 metre super reach excavators. Completing the order are eleven wheeled excavators.

Commenting on the order, Hugh Edeleanu, founder of H.E Services said:

“The plant that we have in our fleet is used for a broad range of applications, placing considerable demands on us, the machines and the operators. Our experience with Komatsu equipment and feedback from customers indicates that this investment will further enhance our reputation as a supplier of productive, economical and reliable equipment.”

The company which has a fleet of over 1600 items now offers service throughout Britain and Ireland from twelve strategically placed depots, as well as catering for long-term contract hires throughout Continental Europe and the Middle East.

The Company has a policy of machine replacement between two and three years, ensuring Britain’s most up to date fleet is constantly improved with the finest, most advanced machines available.

All H.E Services’ excavators are fitted with heavy duty bucket ram guards and all machines from three tonnes upwards are all fitted with Masterhitch Quickhitch system. Also available is a large selection of attachments, ranging from breakers to augers and shears to EMV’s. The latest optional extras are heavy duty cab vandal guards, which are proving to be a very popular vandal deterrent.

H.E. also offers a new sophisticated immobiliser and tracking system, which has proved 100% successful.
Maintenance and servicing are entrusted to a dedicated division that boasts a core of highly trained technicians. Equipped with the latest telecommunications technology, they offer immediate response in fully equipped vehicles specially developed for the purpose.

H.E. Services also operates its own fleet of delivery vehicles, ensuring a prompt service at all times.
In addition to the twelve Plant Hire depots, H.E. Services also operates a successful National Hire Centre to ensure that customers have maximum choice in the way they deal with the company.

Hugh Edeleanu, founder of H.E Services with one of the 100+ Komatsu machines of which the company has just taken delivery.’

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