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{April 12, 2009}  

1st commandment: love thy dbsk

9 10 2007

love!東方神起 (pronounced dong bang shin ki in korean and tohoshinki in japanese), better known to fans as the acronym-ed DBSK or TVXQ, is one super hot korean boyband that can actually sing. with good looks to boot (most of them anyways, hahah), amazing dance moves, charisma and brains (besides korean they can speak also japanese fluently, and some mandarin), they’ve captured the hearts of teenage girls, critics and people with an eye for talent alike across the whole of asia. since my junior college days, they’ve had a worthy fan in me! :) and now… *dramatic drum roll* i’m going to kl this coming november to catch their 2nd world tour with my sister! *screams maniacally*

it’s really coming true! 東方神起 wasn’t going to come to singapore (’cos we’re so freaking small a country) but it didn’t deter us from getting help from the friendly singaporean committee members xing and lina of asteria (thank you so much!), the international fan club for this über brilliant band. and we managed to purchase vvip seats not opened to the public!!! okay that demanded an amount of effort coaxing our parents to let us go but in the end they’re even going with us yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (extra exclamation marks courtesy of my sis -_-) i can’t wait to feel the tickets in my hand! i don’t care that i have yap’s paper 2 days after the concert! ahhhhhhhh!! :)

東方神起 piccies for kicks!


last but not least, my favourite member… changmin (max)!!



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