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{April 12, 2009}  

SS501 Promises to Give TVXQ / DBSK, a Beatdown?

By: johnnydorama

SS501 who has recently returned to the K-Pop scene has been creating quite a movement. These metro-sexuals have returned with upgraded feminine aesthetics and are now well-equipped to fight head-on with big sisters TVXQ.

SS501 who had a very successful run in Japan, still trailed behind TVXQ‘s massive popularity. Their excuse was that TVXQ had debuted 2 years earlier than them in Japan, however SS501 has promised to give TVXQ a beating within the next 2 years.

Lot’s of cat-fights and rivalries going on lately, as covered already by Popseoul, there is the Super Junior vs. A’st1 bitch fight, and now SS501 vs. TVXQ. I’m actually glad to see these rivalries starting up as the industry was becoming a bit boring, besides, it’s always fun to see a bunch of females clawing at each other.

With that said, Super Junior still has no chance in a fight, they may over-shadow everyone in sheer numbers, but they also have double the amount of gayness – well they aren’t at the bottom though, I’m sure they’d still give Big Bang a good spanking.

Wow~ these articles are selling like pancakes! Earlier as said on the article above, Popseoul released a story about Ast’1 giving Super Junior a challenge they could not take lightly. And that is, for Super Junior to prove that they are better than the new comers (Ast’1) and for the new comers to overthrow them (SUJU) from their current status on Kpop industry, and show the fans what they can do.

But with this new gossip released by ALLKPOP, you can’t take it seriously just yet. Since there are no quotes, photos, or videos to backup the story. And we all know how ALLKPOP does their stories, which by the way is highly entertaining. So all you TVXQ fangirls can just calm down. No need to join the bad mouthing and silly fights. You can also read the past story “SS501 Beats Tohoshinki?” also from ALLKPOP –click here.

Apparently there is an article in Korean from Newsen, where ALLKPOP probably got the news. And TVXQ is mentioned in the article. Since I don’t read Korean, I can’t translate it for you. But okayjohnny at AF mentioned that as quoted from the said article, SS501 did mention that they will top TVXQ in Japan in 2 years. If you could read the article, here it is. –click here.

I don’t really listen to SS501, nor have I watched all their releases, but they are quite good. It’s safe to say that they can rival TVXQ, but I don’t think they can do better just yet. There’s more room for growth for both groups. So we’ll never know if TVXQ will do even better in the future, or SS501 will surpass them and be more successful in the next 2 years (money-wise maybe). But I guess only time can tell. I can’t say that SS501 can’t ever be like TVXQ because I don’t live in the future.

I just know that I love TVXQ, and it ends there.


Tohoshinki / DBSK / TVXQ



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