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new boyband from Tn entertainment… members are saegae(1980),Naru(1988), Chunwoo(1985), Hanbang(1989), Jerry(1988) & Hero(1991)… debut 14th august 2008 with their single emergency ..
World (Sae gae)

Name: Nam Hyun
Stage Name: World (The Strong Hyung)
Birthday: November 19, 1980
Blood Type: O
Cheon Woo

Name: Lee Jin Yong
Stage Name: Cheon Woo (Mood Maker)
Birthday: March 16, 1985
Blood Type: A
Name: Shim Min Kyu
Stage Name: Jerry (The Most Handsome)
Birthday: May 13, 1988
Blood Type: A
Name: Joo Young Suk
Stage Name: Naru (The Aegyo Boy)
Birthday: October 7, 1988
Blood Type: O
Name: Han Jung Soo
Stage Name: Han Bang (Most Charismatic)
Birthday: January 26, 1989
Blood Type: B

Name: Kim Min Soo
Stage Name: Hero (The Cute Magnae)
Birthday: October 12, 1991
Blood Type: A


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