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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Which Korean Boy Bands You Like The Most?

Korean Boy Bands

There is many kind of genre in bands which are hip hop band, rock band, boy band, pop rock band and more. I don’t know which band is category the appropriate genre. So, I just want to let you know that I love korean bands. I also love other individual singers. This are the band which I know here:-

Shin Hwa

SG Wannabe


FT Island


Top Combine


Paran (Battle)

U Kiss


Dragon And Tiger (DNT)

Namolla Family

Big Bang



Epik High



Fly To The Sky (FTTS)

Super Junior

Super Junior M
Dong Bang Shin Ki

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For what I have search lots of people miss the old band H.O.T. This band is a legend. Lots of people miss them. I don’t know that much bout this band but I do look up for their information. They good in dancing and have a good vocalist. Oh yeah, Kang Ta is also one of the former member in this group.The picture that i post up there doesn’t mean I listen all to their songs. Just to let you all know that there are a lot of korean bands. There’s lot more.
The band that I love the most is SG Wannabe and FT Island. I just love their voice. I do listens to Super Junior, DBSK, Shin Hwa, SS501, Super Junior M, VOS, FTTS, Big Bang and Epik High. I remember the first band I fall for are Super Junior then comes to SG Wannabe. Then I continue love to listens the korean songs.

Each of the band have their own uniqueness that suits on our taste.I really enjoy watching each of their performance. I don’t really like to compare the band that much because everyone have their own opinions.I like every band. But the one I love is my favorites. So, I hope you all may get to know each of the band that I post up there. Leave comment and correct me if I’m wrong. You also can find more info about the korean band through wikipedia link here.


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