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{April 21, 2009}  

FT island

F.T. Island (Korean : 에프티 아일랜드) is the name of a South Korean band. The name is abbreviated from “Five Treasure Islands” because of its five members.[1] An album was supposed to be released commercially in May 2007.[2] However, all of the members appear on a television program called “Dugeun Dugeun Yeochinmandeulgi” (Korean : 두근두근 여친만들기) on channel. This is officially translated by as “Wanna Be My Boyfriend?” though obviously there are some grammatical errors with that.[3] “두근두근” refers to the sound the heart makes. They also already performed live on stage at the Rolling Hall and their first official showcase at Live House Melon-AX, Gwangjang-dong in Seoul on 27th May 2007 .[4] On 7th June 2007 F.T.Island had performed their first debut on music television programme called M!Countdown and the day after their 1st album was commercially released .[5]

Their first album “Cheerful Sensibility” combining 13 songs can be divided into 2 parts “Emotional Chapter” and “FT Island Chapter” respectively according to the style of the song in the album. For the “Emotional Chapter” the genre is obviously rock ballad oriented which produced by the composers who work for many songs of famous Korean singer such as SG Wannabe and K. In another part “FT Island Chapter” tend to be the upbeat pop-rock oriented style which produced by the Japanese composers who helped producing SMAP and Utada Hikaru’s album.[6]

Lee Hong Ge

Birthday 1990, 6th February
Height 176 cm.
Weight 60 kg.
Education Seongji High School (Korean : 성지고등학교)
Hobby Singing, Listening Music, Playing Soccer & Game
Family Parents & Younger Sister
Skill Singing , Playing Soccer

Lee Jae Jin
Birthday 1991, 17th December
Height 177 cm.
Weight 58 kg.
Education Seonyoo High School (Korean : 선유고등학교)
Hobby Internet Seaching, Questioning about music to the music specialist
Family Parents & Elder Sister
Skill Playing Bass
Oh Wonbin
Birthday 1990, 26th March
Height 180 cm.
Weight 63 kg.
Education Seongji High School (Korean : 성지고등학교)
Hobby Exercising, Reading, Listening Music
Family Parents
Choi Jonghun

Birthday 1990, 7th March
Height 178 cm.
Weight 60 kg.
Education Shindongshin Middle Information Industry High School
(Korean : 신동신정보산업고등학교)
Hobby Internet, Listening Music
Family Parents
Skill Playing Piano and Guitar
Choi Minhwan

Birthday 1992, 11th November
Height 171 cm.
Weight 55 kg.
Education Yanghwa Middle School (Korean :양화중학교)
Hobby Internet, Listening Music
Family Parents, Younger Brother
Skill Playing Drums, Eating Chicken



Nickname: T.O.P.(Tempo)
Real Name: Choi Seung Hyun (최승현)
Postion: Rapper Vocal
Birthday: November 4, 1987
Height: 180cm, 6’0″
Weight: 65kg, 142lbs
Blood Type: B
Specialties: Rap, BeatBox, Song Making, English
Career History: KBS ‘I Like Jadu’s Radio’ Rap Battle Winner, a number of performances at clubs.
Pendant: A Megaphone





# Full Name: 최시원 / Choi Si Won (pronounced: Choy Shi Won)
# Nickname: Simba
# Birthdate: 1987-Feb-10
# Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
# Education: Hyun Dae High School / Inha University (Physical Education Arts Department)
# Height: 190cm
# Weight: 67kg
# Blood Type:B



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