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{April 21, 2009}  
Limited Edition FTI Shoes

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 Limited Edition FTI Shoes
Posted Mar 03, 2008 at 6:22 AM

Hey people, see the shoe up there? See those designs on it? What does it remind you of? FT Island? WonBin? JongHun? HongKi? MinHwan? or JaeJin?

Yes people! You guessed correctly! It’s a shoe designed by JAZZ STAR in conjunction with FT Island’s First Live in Malaysia! Look at those graphics carefully.. each of them tells a different story about FT Island. Cool, huh? And this batch of shoes comes with extra yummylicious goodies such as a themed shoe bag, posters and the sort!

BUT! JAZZ STAR decides to make only 160 pairs of them in this world!!!
Awww… That’s too little for FT Island’s huge fanbase right?


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