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{Mei 4, 2009}  

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Fly to the Sky is a South Korean R&B duo, consisting of U.S.-born Brian Joo and South Korean native Hwanhee.

Initially marketed as a duo that can sing, rap, and dance, their early works featured bubblegum pop and upbeat techno music.[1] The duo later changed their image and style with the release of Sea of Love in 2002. With their subsequent albums, the duo solidified their status as R&B artists and are credited as the first R&B duo of South Korea.


korean name: Joo Min Gyu
Birthday:January 10, 19
Religious Views:Christian – Methodist
Activities:I like to workout at the gym, run, play basketball, watch Movies (I’m a big movie buff), sometimes go bowling and shoot pool…. Enjoying cooking…HAHAHA…I Love food~!
I like to just chill with people back at my house. Maybe even have a few beers and just plain old relax…
I also like to hit the Clubs, once in a while and I really enjoy going out to drink wine and nice cafes’
Also, enjoy shopping (even though i know it’s girly)… For shoes, watches, clothes, hats… basically everything and anything I like…haha
Favorite Music: I love everything except for gothis music, new age, trance, and House…
Favorite TV Shows:Entourage, Lost, Heros, Prison Break, Ghost Whisperer, MTV Cribs…etc
Favorite Movies:Tranformers, X-Men, Lord of the Rings, The Family Man, and alot more
Favorite Books:the Bible is the only book I really own and I still haven’t finished reading it… I’m such a bad person…
About Me:Down to earth,


Hwang Yoon-Suk (born January 17, 1981), known as Hwanhee or Fany, is an actor and a member of South Korean R&B duo Fly to the Sky

He graduated from Gwang Moon High School before his debut. Hwang was encouraged to audition by a staff member working for the label at his high school festival. Officially debuting on November 21, 1999, he rose to fame with the release of album Day by Day alongside fellow member Brian Joo.

His acting debut was in 2006, when he starred alongside Kim Ok-bin in Korean drama Over the Rainbow as cocky rock star Rex. The rating of the show had been mediocre throughout its airing, plummeting to 7% at one point.[1] His performance received mixed reviews


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